Finding Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Finding Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Everybody loves the idea of an open, airy bathroom that combines privacy with a sense of freedom and luxury. Sometimes, however, a big bathroom just isn’t an option — after all, remodeling means working with a room that was designed by someone else, and it’s confined to their vision and design. Does that mean that your remodel, too, has to be confined to the ideas of a cramped space? The happy answer is, not necessarily! There are plenty of ways to use the space that you have and still create a new bathroom that feels spacious and welcoming.


You might not think that color has much to do with space and the illusion of roominess, but the fact is, it plays a great role. Deep colors, for example, make walls feel farther away, tricking the eye into thinking that there’s more space than there actually is. Take the opportunity to play with color as you begin your bathroom remodel in Baltimore, exploring ways that color can make cramped spaces begin to open.


Like color, lighting also plays an important role in the perception of space. Letting natural light come in significantly brightens a room and lends an atmosphere of openness and airiness even if the dimensions of the room leave something to be desired. Artificial light can also open up a space if it’s placed thoughtfully and provides plenty of illumination of key points of the room.


Everyone knows that glass is a great way to lend a feeling of extra space. Mirrors, however, are only one of several ways to accomplish this. A walk-in shower with a glass door makes a room feel like it continues naturally, rather than being parceled choppily into “sections”. It’s a departure from a traditional, closed-off showering area and gives the illusion of expanding a room — yet another option to consider as you approach your bathroom remodel in Baltimore.


A final way of offering more space in a diminutive bathroom is to get rid of unnecessary room fixtures like extra closets, using the extra footage to push walls back and expand. If this isn’t an option, try getting creative with how you approach storage space. Use towel racks, closets, and wall shelves to store the things you need while avoiding clutter and making a room a bit more breathable. There is a multitude of ways to accomplish this, so enjoy the challenge!

By combining beautiful designs with simple life hacks, it’s easy enough to get your bathroom looking like a spacious room that’s a place of comfort, not just a room of utility. By approaching a bathroom remodel in Baltimore with creativity and paying attention to elements of light and color as well as some practical methods of storing — and a couple clever methods of tricking the eye — you’ll be well on your way to a room that’s both practical and perfectly suited to you and what you’ve always imagined. It’s amazing how much space can be created, even in a pint-sized room.