Options for Shower Remodeling

Options for Shower Remodeling

Once upon another time, people relied on bathtubs for bathing. Nowadays, they’ve moved in another direction, preferring a luxurious shower over a soak in the water. There are many options for shower remodeling, so it’s important to consider all of them as you set out on remodeling your bathroom in Columbia.


One great trend is the doorless shower, a decided step away from the high-walled, claw-footed tubs of yesteryear. Doorless showers are bathing without walls, bringing the shower into the main area. Of course, make sure that your bathroom is fitted with the water-resistant materials that an open shower area requires, so that you avoid any long-term damage. A high or ceiling shower nozzle and cozy corner toilet can make sure water stays in the proper area away from other accessories.


If you’ve got the budget and time, a walk-in shower is another way to remodel your bathroom in a luxurious and open way. This sometimes means redoing bathroom walls, but it’s a remodeling option that keeps your shower space light and airy. Open shower models mean a lot of room, which gives you options like installing a seat, wall holds, or a variety of shower heads. It’s another great way to tackle remodeling your bathroom in Columbia.


So what do you do if you already have a tub and want to replace it with a more modern, more comfortable shower? You should always talk to a professional contractor before tackling any repairs solo, but if he or she gives you the okay, start planning! There’s plenty of room to put a shower where a tub once was, though it may require some reworking of pipes and replacement of wall materials to make sure they’re water-resistant. If you decide to go this route, however, the end result is a bathing area that’s completely new, in a lighter, more spacious bathroom.


If you’re concerned about space, try a remodel that includes glass shower doors for a bigger sensation. The transparency will create the illusion of a more open space, resulting in a bathroom that’s luxurious even if it’s on the small side. If you’d prefer a little more privacy, you could also opt for frosted glass, which allows for light transference while giving you a cozier shower experience.


Of course, if you aren’t placing a shower in the space where a tub used to be, you have more options for where you want the shower to go. Make sure you consider things like natural light and the general sense of the room in making this decision. Do you want the shower to be open, flowing seamlessly with the rest of the room? Would you rather turn it into a private corner nook? And where to best put it to capture the light coming in through the window? These are all great questions to ponder. Of course, there are plenty of others to think about, too, giving you plenty of options for remodeling your bathroom in Columbia.